9 Reasons To Sell Your Home in 2024

Are you trying to determine whether to sell your home or not? Wondering if it's even the right time to sell or if it's best to wait? Perhaps you need a fresh start or a different lifestyle? If so, listen closely, friend, because 2024 might be the perfect time to sell your house.

Deciding to sell a home is a big decision. Who better to guide you through this exciting transition than the Columbus real estate experts at the Rita Boswell Group?

Let's crack open the door and peek at some of the reasons why selling in 2024 could be the key to unlocking your next chapter:

1. It's Time To Downsize

Your current home feels, well, a little too big these days. The kids have flown the coop (or are about to!), and you find yourself echoing in cavernous rooms (and cleaning them, ugh). Embrace the charm of a perfectly-sized sanctuary! Sell the McMansion and buy a house that better fits your new needs.

Snowbirds may even prefer to downsize to a maintenance-free condo in Columbus and another in warmer climes. If you're selling a house that you've lived in for some time, the value of your home may make it possible to purchase multiple homes and live the snowbird dream.

The Rita Boswell Group specializes in helping people rightsize their lifestyle. We can help you find the right community for your new active adult lifestyle.

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2. You're Ready To UPGRADE To New Construction!

Are you craving a home office with a view, a kitchen with a massive island for family to gather around, and a gorgeous spa bath to relax in after a long day?

Or, maybe your current home is giving you the old-house blues and you're ready for a brand-new home. If your home needs some big-ticket repairs that will require loans at higher interest rates, it might make more sense to simply buy a new home and sell your current home fast for cash. Few home repairs offer a 100%+ ROI.

Upgrading to a brand new home that perfectly complements your evolving needs is a smart move because it's a good time to buy new construction. Homebuilders are ramping up construction to meet current housing market trends, and they can offer attractive incentives such as lower mortgage rates to encourage buyers to enter the market in 2024.

Important Reminder: When buying new construction, it's extremely important to have your own real estate agent working for you. The builder's sales agent works for and represents the builder, not you.

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3. Tax Time Triumph

Lower property taxes? Yes, please! Selling in a high-tax county and relocating to a more budget-friendly location could be your golden ticket to financial freedom. Imagine pocketing the extra cash for exotic vacations, guilt-free spa days, or that dream car you've been eyeing.

Higher home prices and home values will lead to higher property taxes for you (if they haven't already), encouraging many an owner to sell their home and buy a new home in a lower-tax county.

REALTOR Rita Boswell can help you trade your high-tax home for one with a more appealing tax bill right here in Central Ohio.

4. Change School Districts

Does the school district you're in provide the right services for your family? Are you considering other school districts in Central Ohio? Selling and finding a home in your ideal district could be what's best.

Give your kids the educational environment they deserve, be it a STEM-focused haven or a school steeped in the arts. Rita can help you find and purchase a home in a Central Ohio school district that best fits your family.

5. HOA?! No Way!

Is your HOA more like a warden than a helper? Or maybe you're craving the freedom of no restrictions at all. 2024 could be your time to ditch the oppressive rules, passive-aggressive letters, fines, and petty tyrants. If you're looking for a home without an HOA, we can help. We'll help you sell your current home and find a better fit.

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6. Land Ahoy! Escape To The Exurbs

Do you dream of chickens clucking in a backyard bigger than your house? Or maybe the city sirens have lost their charm and you want some space to breathe.

Embrace the call of the wild (ish)! Sell your urban home or condo and find a large lot in the suburbs or exurbs. Imagine stargazing skies on your mini-homestead with space for picnic tables, animals, and rows of veggies. Or maybe you're just looking for a big fenced-in yard for your dog. Whatever your dream property looks like, we can help you make it a reality.

7. Cut Your Commute

Back in the office? Is the commute sucking the life out of you? 2024 might be the year to sell your home in the burbs, ditch rush hour blues, and find a home close to work.

Imagine being close enough to walk or bike to work! Or, perhaps you'd like to utilize public transport more often and sell the extra vehicle.

The Rita Boswell Group can help you find that perfect balance between work and life, wherever your ideal location may be. We'll help you sell your current home fast and find a community and home that better fits your current needs.

8. Come Together in a Multigenerational Home

Need a mother-in-law suite, or simply want to pool resources for that dream luxury home? Multigenerational living is on the rise, and 2024 could be the year to make it happen! With housing inventory low and expensive, it might make more sense to live multigenerational.

Sell your separate homes, ditch the cramped high-rent apartments, and find a spacious haven that comfortably accommodates everyone. Rita can help you find the perfect multi-generational home to make lasting memories and get more for your mortgage.

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9. Housing Market Marvel: It's A Seller's Bonanza In 2024!

Listen up, savvy souls! This is the best reason to sell in 2024! Home values are up and it's still a seller's market in Columbus, Ohio. The current real estate market is whispering sweet nothings to homeowners in 2024 like, "It's time to sell your home." There simply aren't enough existing homes on the market which continues to push house prices up.

Low housing inventory and high demand for homes mean home prices are high, giving you the perfect springboard for your next adventure. Plus, that built-up home equity you've been drooling over? It's ripe for the picking, giving you more freedom to choose the kind of home that truly sings to your soul. Rita can help you navigate the market like a pro, ensuring you maximize your selling potential and land on your financial feet.

So, are you ready for a change? It's your year! Put your home on the market while prices are still in your favor. With the Rita Boswell Group as your trusted guide, you can sell your current home fast for more and find the right home. If you're considering selling your home, we have multiple home selling strategies to choose from. Call or text Columbus real estate agent Rita Boswell today at 614-830-9767 to get started.

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