Staging Your Home To Sell Fast: Secrets From The Experts Revealed

Are you selling your home in the Columbus area? Preparing your home for the real estate market is one of the most important things you can do to help it sell as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

Here are some of the secrets that real estate experts use to help home sellers get their home ready to sell. No judgments here; just real talk.

Help Buyers Imagine Living There

Buyers struggle to imagine what a home could be. They can only imagine what they see. If walls are brightly painted, the wallpaper is peeling, or the carpet is old, buyers will find it difficult to see past that and imagine the space as their own. They also tend to overestimate the cost of minor repairs.

Staging a home can make the biggest difference in your selling process. Investing in staging can actually bring better returns on a home in the long run! Use a critical eye to view your home like you're a buyer seeing it for the first time. What will they see? A lovely house that could be their home or someone else's home?

Curb Appeal – Not Just an HGTV Buzzword

Curb Appeal isn’t just a catchy phrase created to boost landscapers’ incomes. It’s a crucial first impression that can make buyers either wary of stopping to look or eager to step inside.

Make sure that your lawn and garden look great, trash cans, toys, and bikes are put away, house numbers are attractive and easy to see, the front door is spectacular (because you’ve replaced or painted it and perhaps updated the hardware), and you have attractive potted plants by the door.

First Impression – A Pleasant Entryway

First Impressions come the minute a potential buyer steps inside your home. A bunch of coats on a rack, pairs of shoes on a shelf, or keys and coins in a dish on a table may show that you’re organized, but this look is not the way to sell a home. Put the coats and shoes in a closet, the keys in your purse or a drawer, and a vase of flowers on the table.

De-clutter ‘Till It Hurts

Nothing puts potential buyers on edge like knickknacks on wobbly tables or stacks of things on other stacks of things. If a home is cluttered, buyers can feel awkward or even anxious.

Even if your home is organized and relatively clutter-free, there are probably still things that can be packed up and out of the way. Surfaces (tables, countertops, mantles, etc) should be nearly clear. This is especially true if you have beautiful countertops or a nice mantle; take almost everything off and let the beautiful home feature have the spotlight

Selling a home is an excellent opportunity to pare down all the things we all accumulate when we’ve lived in a house for a while.

First: sell, donate, or toss anything you don’t want to keep or haven’t used in a long time. Out of the stuff you decide to keep, pre-pack things you don’t use daily and store them out of sight. Go ahead and pack up family photos or collectibles, too many personal items will make buyers feel like intruders and not like it could be their home. It's also a security concern.

Don’t overlook cleaning and organizing cabinets, closets, and other storage areas. This will help them look bigger, and help buyers see space for their things. Buyers do open cabinets and closets to assess storage space in the home.

Clean, Clean, & Clean Some More

Time To Clean! We often stop noticing our own dusty corners or trim, but buyers will notice when they come into your home. You’ll want your home to be bright, fresh, & absolutely sparkling clean. Before your home hits the market, give your home a thorough, top-to-bottom deep clean.

Don’t skip windows (inside and out), behind the toilet, bathroom grout, under sinks, behind furniture, and any grates or filters.

Or, hire a cleaning crew for a one-time super-cleaning.

Rearrange Furniture To Find The Best Placement

Rearranging Is Key. Arrange your furnishings to frame — not obscure — views, fireplaces, and architectural details. Put tall objects (furniture, vases, paintings, or plants) against tall walls. Highlight, don’t block, the traffic flow. Rope in some sturdy friends and play with different ways to arrange your furniture. Pay attention to your friends’ feedback.

Avoid having all of your furniture against walls in seating areas such as your living or family room. Instead, define the area by having furniture pieces near each other. If you have an area rug, put the front legs of your sofa or chairs on the rug to form a conversation area. Think of the rug as the center and group around it instead of having pieces far apart against walls.

Check Out These Living Room Arrangements From Better Homes & Gardens

From Staged To Show Ready Every Day

Staging your home for the market is only the beginning. Once your home hits the market, you will have a frenzy of showings scheduled (provided your home is priced and marketed correctly). Make sure your home is staged and “Show Ready” for every showing or open house - even if they are scheduled at the last minute.

To quickly get your home ready for a showing, have a storage bin or laundry basket ready to throw things into at the last minute. If you maintain your deep clean and de-clutter, all you’ll need to do is put the day-to-day things such as dirty dishes or pet toys into your bin. Stash the bin in a spare closet, or take it with you. Have disinfecting wipes handy for a speedy wipe down, and head out before the buyers arrive.

Remember, if your home is properly prepared, correctly priced, kept show-ready, and heavily marketed, your home will likely sell quickly. This cuts down on the amount of time on market, which makes the whole process easier and less expensive for you in the long run. Time is money when selling a home.

Ready. Set. SOLD!!

Thinking about selling your Central Ohio home? Working with an experienced REALTOR who knows the area and how to best prepare, price, and market homes in your neighborhood is important.

We’ve helped many Central Ohio home sellers, and it would be our pleasure to help you too. Our clients receive a consultation with a home staging professional. Contact Rita Boswell at 614-830-9767 to learn more about selling a home in the Columbus OH area. We specialize in selling homes fast for more with less stress.

Get A Cash Offer

For some, going the traditional listing route isn't the best option. Maybe you have kids and pets or a loved one you're caring for. Maybe the home is older and you simply don't have the time or budget to fix everything. Maybe you're just super busy and overwhelmed.

If you prefer to sell fast for cash and be done with it, we can help! We offer fast, fair cash offers for homeowners in the Columbus area. Get your cash offer and move on to the next adventure.

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