Finding Your Way: How To Choose A Moving Company

Moving, often likened to the stress of dental work, can be a complex process. Amidst the chaos, one crucial decision can either ease your transition or add to the anxiety: selecting the right moving company. To ensure a smooth move, free from overcharging, theft, or damaged belongings, consider these steps to find trustworthy movers in Columbus Ohio.

1. Conduct Thorough Screening:

Start your search by checking if the moving company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for interstate moves. For local moves, research your state’s regulatory body. Utilize websites like and to screen for complaints and regulatory compliance. Additionally, consult the Better Business Bureau for any unresolved issues.

2. Demand a Written Estimate:

Reputable moving companies conduct in-home inspections before providing estimates. Be cautious of those offering quotes over the phone without assessing your possessions. Request detailed, written estimates that encompass all services you require. Compare these quotes closely, ensuring you're comparing similar services to avoid surprises later.

3. Scrutinize Insurance Coverage:

Verify the moving company's insurance. Legitimate movers have specialized moving insurance, ensuring compensation for lost or damaged items. Check the coverage provided: basic protection usually compensates at 60 cents per pound, while additional full-value insurance covers the actual value of your items. Consider exploring options through your homeowners' insurance policy for comprehensive coverage.

4. Be Wary of Red Flags:

  • Inquire if the moving company uses its own employees or temporary hires. Request background verification details for their crew members.
  • Opt for payment methods that offer security, such as credit cards or cashier's checks. Avoid movers demanding cash payments only.
  • Refrain from working with companies lacking a local address, customer service number, or official website. Also, be cautious if the moving crew arrives in unmarked vehicles or appears unprofessional.

5. Seek Professional Guidance:

Navigating the complexities of moving is easier with professional assistance. Partner with a top-rated Columbus real estate agent like Rita Boswell, renowned for her expertise in Central Ohio real estate. With a track record of satisfied clients, Rita Boswell can guide you through the moving process, ensuring a stress-free experience. Thanks to her years of experience in Columbus, Ohio, Rita has a large network of professionals including reputable movers.

Moving doesn't have to be a nightmare. By diligently screening moving companies and seeking expert guidance, you can secure a reliable partner, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. For expert advice and seamless relocation assistance, contact Realtor Rita Boswell directly at 614-830-9767. Rita is your trusted ally in the world of Central Ohio real estate.

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