Mold in Your Dream Home? What Every Buyer Needs to Know

Mold, a natural decomposer of dead trees outdoors, turns into a potential health hazard indoors, causing a range of allergic reactions from sneezing and rashes to life-threatening asthma attacks. For homebuyers, the presence of mold in a potential home should raise red flags not just about the mold itself, but more importantly, about the source of the moisture feeding it.

Understanding Mold Infestation

Mold spores, invisible airborne particles, are harmless until they land on a damp surface inside a house and begin to grow. Eliminating mold involves more than just treating its visible signs; it necessitates locating and eradicating the source of moisture.

Health Implications

Sensitivity to mold varies among individuals, with reactions ranging from minor irritations to severe health issues, especially for mold-sensitive individuals. Identifying the mold type isn’t as critical as pinpointing the source of moisture. For mold-sensitive individuals, any exposure should be avoided.

The Role of Home Inspection

A licensed Home Inspector is a buyer's best ally when investigating a potential mold issue. However, more vital than testing the mold itself is identifying the root cause of the moisture. Knowing if the moisture source is a minor leak or a substantial flooding problem helps buyers estimate the cost of necessary repairs and remediation.

Effective Remediation

Mold control entails cleaning the affected area and eradicating the moisture source. While homeowners can tackle visible surfaces, experts should handle mold behind walls or in extensive areas. Eliminating moisture might involve repairing leaks, using dehumidifiers, or employing vapor barriers, tasks requiring professional expertise and tools.

Insurance and Mortgage Implications

Some insurance companies decline coverage for homes with active mold or prior mold issues. Obtaining an FHA mortgage for a mold-infested home is also challenging. Appraisal approval often hinges on mold remediation and moisture elimination. Buyers must ensure these issues are resolved before closing.

Buyer’s Caution

Buyers must negotiate remediation with the seller. If the seller refuses, obtaining cost estimates for the work is crucial. Armed with this information, buyers can make informed decisions about purchasing the property, considering the potential impact on resale value. Many buyers shy away from homes with mold histories, making future resale a significant concern.

Your Guide To Home Buying In Central Ohio

When purchasing a home, a thorough investigation is key. Understanding the implications of mold infestation, its health risks, and the potential impact on insurance and resale value empowers buyers to make informed decisions.

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